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Bolts & Screws are the most important connection Types. More than 60 Years Ago, RADOLID made their protection their mission. With numerous patents, they are able to reliably protect Virtually all Bolts Connections from Corrosion and Damage.

For Customers, this means maximum Lifespan and Reliability, Construction Quality and the Reduction of Maintenance costs.

The screw is one of the most crucial joining techniques. RADOLID Protective Caps has made it their mission for many years to shield these components from deterioration and harm. ENERGY & INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS' Radolid protective caps are known for their highest dependability and longevity, high construction quality, minimum maintenance requirements, and accident protection features.

Radolid Protection Cap is used to stop bolts and nuts from corroding while enabling easy removal when required. By manually pressing the cap onto the bolted junction, these caps are simple to install. The barbed edges on Radolid Caps snap into place, guarding against unintentional removal.


Different Products Available Are:

1. Wheel Nut Protective Caps
2. SW Locking Caps
3. High Locking Caps ( TSW / HSW)