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MACOGA is a Worldwide Leading Manufacturer of Expansion Joints as well as Comprehensive Specific Solutions. MACOGA designs manufacture and Supplies State of Art Expansion Joints.

ENERGY & INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS is one of the suppliers of MACOGA Expansion Joints in Qatar. The supplied Expansion Joints adhere to the minimum specifications for enhancing worker safety and health protection in potentially explosive environments.

MACOGA Expansion joints are a device used to stop thermal and vibrational energy from causing expansion. The carefully created movement MACOGA Expansion Joints can shield your machinery from a range of stresses while also being long-lasting and low-maintenance for maximum performance.

We build your pipe systems using the most powerful analysis and calculation software, choosing the best expansion joints while offering you a full pipe stress study if needed.


Different Expansion Joints are:
1. Metal Expansion Joints
2. Rubber Expansion Joints