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Josam Floor Drains are manufactured in Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, PVC, SMC/GRP and Polymer Concrete. Josam is the pioneer in developing Quality products that provide Solutions and add value to the facilities where they are installed. Finally and ultimately the most important stage in providing Quality products to the marketplace lies in Josam Company’s Stringent Quality Control Programs. Product Quality is continuously actively monitored and enhanced at both Josam’s In House and Site Manufacturing facilities

Browse through ENERGY & INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS' extensive list of Floor Drains in Qatar. All Floor Drains are produced utilising high-quality materials and cutting-edge procedures, making them up to the standards in this extremely difficult industry. After conducting thorough market research, the most reputable and authorised vendors were selected to supply the materials used to make our products.

This drain tube is made of premium steel and may be used with the majority of common shower configurations. The item can be used in any kitchen or bathroom. Our products' excellent quality is highly recognised in the industry. We are committed to offering a wide variety of Floor Drains of the highest calibre.


Main Products:

1. D-Strainer : Round Nikaloy W/Dome
2. C-Strainer: Round Non-Clog Nikaloy W/Integral Bucket
3. AF Strainer: Nikaloy W/Wide Flanged Recessed for Membrane
4. A Strainer: Super-Flo Satin Finish Nikaloy Round Top