Earth Rods



Earth rods are industrial equipment that helps in avoiding the passage of current within a building. The earth rods work together with earth bars, clamps, and pit for dispersing the charged ions. When the lightning strikes a high-rise building equipped with earth rods, the flow is transferred to earth bars through wires and finally ends in the earth pit. With the right connection, one would never come across the problem of earthing.

As an Earth Rods Supplier Qatar, ENERGY & INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS provides a comprehensive selection of excellent galvanised earth rods for a variety of different industries. Our galvanised earth rod products are put through a variety of tests; they are renowned for their superior heat and electricity conduction.

As an Earth Rods Supplier, we have the capacity and flexibility to suit special product needs and precise size and dimension requirements. To fulfil the constantly increasing quality and service expectations of our clients, we as an Earth Rods Supplier in Qatar have a team of highly qualified, enthusiastic, and experienced people in production and sales. It is adamant about providing exceptional customer service, high-quality products, commitment, compliance, and a reasonable pricing point.


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