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Aluminium Alloy Cover Plates & Gratings have an Advantage of Weight. It is very lightweight and has a high Aesthetic Appeal. Its main USP is that the Extrusion can be done as per the client's requirements.

Aluminium Cover Plates constructed of high-grade aluminum are provided by ENERGY & INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS. Numerous industries make substantial use of these aluminium cover plates. Aluminium Cover Plates of the highest quality and design are available from us. We offer a wide variety of sizes and specifications for our aluminium cover plates to meet the needs of different industries. Our cover plates are available with a powder-coated finish or come with a natural anodized finish.


Our Aluminium Cover Plates  are incredibly durable and meet industry quality standards. They are available in clear anodized or can be powder coated in any colour, and they are made to blend in with any wall surface.



1. Light Weight (1/3rd Weight of Mild Steel)
2. Manufactured out of Grade AA6063 T6 Aluminium
3. Easy installation
4. High Strength to Weight Ratio
5. Non-Toxic, suitable for Corrosive Environment
6. Durable with a Long Life Span
7. High Residual Value so overall Cost Affective


1. Wastewater Treatment Plants
2. Sewage Treatment Plants
3. Marine Environments
4. Roadways.